Kitty Cloaks© ...a simple yet extremely effective Cat Toy
This Veterinarian approved material is designed to trick Cats
into thinking they are hiding even though they are clearly visible.
The mesh structure is rigid and shiny which attracts Cats
and it even allows their claws to pop right out! The biggest bonus?
It doesn't collect fur! Fur is repelled from the material by a static charge so it never needs cleaning!
Kitty Cloaks are also durable. This enables long lasting playtime with your Kitty, so have Fun!

Kitty Cloaks are made from a specific material that has taken years of development and testing
to insure your cats safety. Please do not try to replicate the functionality with any substitute.


How it works

Unfold your KittyCloak fully. Then scrunch it up and form a pancake or doughnut shape on the floor in an open area. No further action is needed at this time.

Your patience is a virtue with this toy! Allow your cats curiosity to inspect it. Do not force your cat into it! (or cover them up in it too soon). It will frighten them and they will associate it as being scary. Allow your pet to discover it on their own. A cats instinctual need to explore will determine what your pet does with it. Your pet should feel safe and secure before you interact with them. At this stage, your pet may play on top of the product or lay in it. If they sleep with it, to a cat, it means that they like the new toy. Also, do not disturb them at this time. They feel safe!

Once your pet is comfortable with it you can fluff it up in a large mass and see what they do or you can cover them up in the KittyCloak (If they haven't hidden themselves already). To the cat, they will feel invisible to humans and any other animals in the room. Yet they will still be visible through the "Cloaking device" to us. This is a concealment instinct in cats so they will have the element of surprise! Yes, your pet can see you through the product and they will use this to their advantage! In the wild, cats will pat down a layer of grass to lay in or conceal themselves in tall brush. KittyCloak mimics these natural activities indoors.

Cleaning for your KittyCloak is easy! This product does not attract pet hairs but should it get soiled, it should be hand washed in soap and water. Then hung-up to air dry. Remember, over time or multiple washes the product will lose its sheen and rigidness (less attractive to cats). If this should happen, it will need to be replaced.

Have long-lasting fun observing and interacting with your cat!

Thank you.

The Kitty Cloak has become my cat's favorite place to lounge. It is also her launching pad to
'"pounce" on any dog or person that walks by. Moka the cat gives it two dewclaws up!
Dr. Kevin P. Sibille, Navarre Animal Hospital


Features & Benefits

Unique Material

Rejects Cat Hair


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